Camping Info for Roxanna

Roxanna is available for camping on a per-person, per-night basis, subject to availability.

Per Person Camping Rates:
$10 per person per night
Children 12 and under are free; must be accompanied by parent or guardian

Other Fees:
Small chest freezer: $5/day
Large chest freezer: $10/day
Extra electricity: $5/day/cord
Trash removal fee: $25/truckload

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NOTE: Paying the per-person camping rate does not guarantee that you will be the only person or group camping at Roxanna.

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Register & Pay in Advance:
In order to camp, you must register with Linda Kerr in advance, and pay your camping fee prior to arriving at Roxanna (cash, Venmo, or PayPal). email or call: (334) 787-9332.

Site Rules:
By camping at Roxanna, you must read and agree to all of the site rules.

No Refunds:
There are no refunds or discounts for bad weather or for rain during your stay.

Key Deposit:
Usually Linda will unlock the gate, but if you are entrusted with a key for the duration of your visit, there will be a $35 key deposit charged, which will be returned when the key is returned.

Basic use of our limited electricity is included in your fee; this includes the lights at the top of the hill, the water heater, the lights in the shower, lights in the pavilion, and outlets for blowing up air mattresses, charging phones, and C-PAP machines. Please do not plug in refrigerators or AC units inside campers or RVs, as the system will not handle the load. If the electricity goes out, the well pump goes out, which means no running water.

There are two chest freezers in front of the camper. You may plug one or both in, but as these put a large drain on the electricity, there is an extra fee for these.

The water is supplied by a well, and excessive usage of water and times of drought may cause the well to run dry. Reasonable use of the water, including the hot showers, sinks, and spigots, at Roxanna is included. The water is not to be used to fill pools, and showers must be kept to a short length. Also, if the power goes out, the water will not work, as the pump is powered by electricity. Finally, as leaks sometimes happen, and because the water is shut off during extreme cold periods, availability of the water at any given time is not guaranteed, and no refunds or discounts will be given due to a lack of water.

Any pine that is cut and stacked may be used freely for small campfires. Any hardwood that is cut and stacked is usually reserved for private events; please do not use this. Any downed trees on site are available for use for no charge.

There are no on-site porta-potties or flushing toilets. You may use one of the privies, or may dig a "cat hole" back in the woods.

If something happens during the course of your visit, such as a breaker flips, a pipe breaks, etc., please let Linda know as soon as possible so the problem can be fixed and doesn't cause further damage (continued water leaks, etc.).

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